Weekend in the Berkshires... in CT

Thai Crunch Salad (minus the cruelty)
So after spending the morning putting around Lenox, my mom and I left to meet my aunt and cousin at Foxwoods for a relaxing dinner. We went to CPK, a fav of mine when I'm in the area. There I got the Thai Salad with no chicken and extra avocado and a virgin pina colada. Numminess. After a lovely dinner, we bunkered down in our hotel room at the MGM, quickly falling asleep in the amazing beds.

The next day, the our of us left for Mystic Aquarium, only about 20 minutes away. A new place to visit, and surprisingly vegan friendly, considering. (Apparently, one of the owners is a vegan). They had macrobiotic vegan dumplings and gluten-free fruit snacks. Win. I spent a brilliant day with my family then ran off to Boston for work.

But what a nice reality break.