Update: I Survived


Still working on getting the best study technique for each class, but I am more less alright with how I am doing in my program. I seem to do quite well on papers, so I am hoping those high grades will bring up some of the B’s.

Pharmacology/Pathology: Good class, great professor. Tough as Tupperware. I have never studied this hard in my life. But I love the material, as I have said before. I have a paper coming up on a disease of my choice, looks to be fun. Still not sure which one to do…

Nursing Skills: Read, read, read. Did ok on my last exam, but didn’t realize that so much of the material we covered in lab would be on the exam. I had thought, foolishly, that they might be separate entities.

Nursing History: Doing really well in this class and I’m really excited about my nursing issue paper coming up.

Nursing Essentials: Not the biggest fan of this class. The topics seem straightforward enough but then the exam was really subjective and vague. Still working out the best study method for this class.

Health & Wellness

I had back surgery yesterday. L4/L5 microdiscectomy to be precise. The process went smoothly: I was asleep within seconds of the drug entering my IV, then I was awake. When I awoke, it was if I had taken a nap, with no strong pain or nausea. Had a nice chit-chat with nurse while I recovered and then left, after I proved I could walk. I’m going to keep a more detailed log of my recovery process posted, as when I looking online I had trouble finding a clear picture of what that might look like. If you don’t like medical details or they bore you, I’d skip the next part.

Day 1 - Details: Walked around quite a bit yesterday, I’d say a few 20-30 minute stints. Had some muscle stiffness that was handled with Flexeril and slowly as the pain meds from the surgery wore off, some pain (4) from my incision. I took Vicodin 325 and that took the edge off the pain and I was left with a dull ache (2). The biggest issue yesterday was the complete dry mouth from the anti-nausea meds. Drink, drink, drink and I was still dry as a desert. Ice chips alleviated the issue somewhat. The other annoying side effect was urination. As in had trouble. I think this was difficult to accomplish because of the muscle relaxants preventing me from contracting my bladder. Not a 100% sure on that. Just a guess. Overall, I spend most of yesterday sitting at my computer or retrieving things from downstairs. I took a short 1 hour nap after my dose of Vicodin. Then later, I had a friend or two over to sit and talk or watch a movie. When watching the move I was most comfortable on my side in bed. Getting to sleep was not difficult, as I am normally a side sleeper, accustomed to using a pillow between my knees and hugging another to my chest. The most challenging part of all is going from standing to side-lying in bed, while trying not to twist too much. I slept through the night, only waking once in early morning to shift to my other side.

Employment & Finance

Loans came through, but I will have to budget to have the money last me till my next loan dispersement. I am not even going to consider a job until my back is feeling better.

Personal Practice

I found a Buddhist organization that sits on Sunday mornings in Brookline. It is really worth the drive for the peace of mind I have afterwards. I also like the idea of stopping in Somerville to get mocha/hot cocoa at the my favorite café/bookstore. Taking a bit of a time outside of my Worcester life to walk and read.

Social Life

Sadly, I did not get elected during class elections. But onward and upward, right?
I’ve been having some social time, meeting a friend for coffee, going to game night when I can. I’ve also had the pleasure of attending a few parties. Hoping I’ll be well enough to go to my friend’s 40th this weekend.

Bits & Bobs

I’ve been baking and sharing. Best way to bake in my opinion… all the yummy without the guilt of eating a pan of cupcakes all by your self. I get to make another delicious something for the party this weekend. I’m thinking a layered strawberry shortcake… cake.

Namaste all.