Update: Carrying On


I finally think as though I am getting a feel for the way of things in this program. (Don’t hold me to that though…) The demands are pretty epic.. hours of reading a day, a lot of information to quickly retain all at once and mastering a variety of skills on a weekly basis. It is intense, and I have to add that this is the first time in my life I feel as though I really am being pushed to my academic limits.

I’ve survived the gauntlet of the first few tests in 2 of my classes. Did stellar in one class and average in the other. Received my first C+. Then went to console myself with a lovely cup of gingerbread hot cocoa. (I love Starbucks).

Pharmacology/Pathology: I still like it, though, I’m sure this will be my most difficult class. I’m aiming for a B+ in the class, ideally. But more importantly, I am aiming to memorize a veritable cornucopia of drugs.

Nursing Skills: I seem to be getting the gist of things in lab and then subjecting my poor friends to such things as getting their blood pressure taken. Such good sports. Did well on my first exam. A bright light.

Nursing History: Sometimes it is difficult to focus in this class… Friday morning with a laidback teacher does not equal attentiveness. Just saying.

Nursing Essentials: Dreading my first exam Thursday. I didn’t realize just how much we’ve covered in 3 weeks. Tons of theory from modes of caring to how health insurance works. Eek.

Health & Wellness

No real news here. I’ve been making an attempt at yoga. Slow going though.

Employment & Finance

Still poor. Jus applied for more loans. Not pretty, but I have few options… and I can’t seem to kick this eating habit of mine.

Personal Practice

Trying to be more deliberate and aware. I’m going to try an experiment this week and cut back on frivolous noise and thinking. Try to not get caught up in my emotions so much.

Social Life

Organized a class get together this past Thursday, which was a success. Despite the snow, 20 some-odd people made it out. We had a few drinks and actually got to know each other’s names. Good times.

Planning on participating in class elections… not sure what position(s) I want though.

Bits & Bobs

Trying to cook from scratch again… healthier and saves money.

Namaste all.