Update: Endless Reading


School is most assuredly in full swing. We even had reading due the first day of school. I am not exaggerating when I say these folks do not mess around. If you come into lab missing your questions, you kicked right out. Arrive to class after the door has been shut, have to wait till the break 1 or 1.5 hours later. Not much margin for error. But I can respect that. The school’s culture is very determined and very professional.

The reading… oh my. I am responsible for several textbooks chapters, pages of NCLEX type questions and secondary reading materials for each class. My homework for each session on class takes as long if not longer than the class itself. I have no life and most likely will not, especially if I can find a job for Fri & Sat nights (most likely have to wait till after surgery, unless its sitting which would be ideal). So if you never see me online or hear from me, its because I’m buried in my books. If there is a get together you want me to attend, I might be able to make it happen given a week or twos notice.

As far as classes go,

Pharmacology/Pathology: Generally, I like it. Fascinating stuff, if a bit baffling at times. I’m hoping learning all these drugs will not be as difficult as it seems at first glance. I adore my teacher, great sense of humor and feel for the class temperament. Also, has a great way of breaking things down so they don’t seem so convoluted.

Nursing Skills: Interesting class. Really wish there was more hands-on practical lab work. We only meet once a week and we really have to race though skills. Which at the moment, isn’t too bad, seeing as I’m just learning how to put on sterile gloves, but if the trend continues when we get to medication administration, I’m going to be a bit concerned.

Nursing History: My ‘easy’ class it seems. Still a great deal of reading – a few chapters in a textbook plus 2-3 essays per class. But the topics are not the difficult so far.
Nursing Essentials: Just what it says. All the foundation know how a nurse needs to practice her profession. This includes everything from legal issues to morality to job climate. I think its a very useful class.

Health & Wellness

Got the news, surgery it is. Scheduled for the first day of spring break so I have time to recover. I’m not thrilled but every day my back worsens and I’m now at the point where I can barely walk for more than 10 minutes without numbness in my feet, that’s assuming I didn’t wake up with it there. I’m trying to use this as a lesson, what people go through when they are facing major surgery… it’s a little frightening I must admit. But part of that is due to my knowledge of nosocomial infections and medical error rates.

Employment & Finance

Don’t have any and what I do have is running out fast. I hate to do it, but I may have to live off my loans. But I’ll keep looking for a job. Its too bad there isn’t something I could do sitting from home.

Personal Practice

Again formal practice is postponed until movement can be recovered, but I need to find something for stress relief singing rock musicals and taking hot showers only so effective.

Artistic Endeavors

No club photography for me. Possible other photo gigs coming up.

Social Life

Hahahaha. I’m lucky I get hang with the guys at game once a week, and Sean for a day on the weekend. Every other waking hour is spent in my room. Not kidding.

Bits & Bobs

Kinda pissed. A textbook I sold was stolen enroute, now I am trying to resolve that.

Working on sorting out health insurance and looking for advice on state provided vs. the school provided private option. Really would like to stay on my current plan, but I am not sure that that is possible.

Tired now. Go watch movie online.

Namaste all