Surgery Update: Day 2

Day 2:

I slept fairly well through the night, walking up only a few times, but then falling back asleep quickly. And may I say, this dry mouth thing is nasty to wake up with... won't go into detail, so suffice to say my tongue feels like stiff laundry. Really hoping that disappears today.

I had a pounding headache yesterday, especially when I changed levels.. even slowly. I think it might be caffeine withdrawal. So I'm having coffee as I write.

The Vicodin made me into a shambling brainless zombie, but didn't seem to help that much, so I am only going to take it at night and stick to Flexeril (so I'm more mobile) and IBProfen for the inflammation/pain. All in all, this hurts but it isn't killing me. I feel the most pain when I put pressure on the incision (laying on my back, sitting against a chair), I feel some pain when walking because this cause the incision to move. I have some muscle tightness in low back and hips.

In terms of activity: I did some research for my paper yesterday when I was more with it, but wasn't with it enough to analyze anything. So, I'm going to pick up where I left off later. Mostly I slept all day with a few lucid moments.

I can't see the wound as its all wrapped up neatly.. but as soon as I get the chance I'll take a snapshot.