Surgery Update: Day 3

The night before I slept soundly and through the night, waking up at my usual hour, around 8. The previous evening, I took both Flexeril and Vicodin. I awoke again with a dry mouth which lasted most of the day, finally resolving in the afternoon. Still had a lingering headache and so I had some coffee and that took care of it. The rest of the day went smoothly. I had recovered leaps and bounds from the previous day. I was active and on my feet, walking slowly, a bit stiff, but still walking. I took a walk through the park about a half a mile total. and then spent almost 3 hours in the car. By then of the day I was a bit more sore, but my pain was tolerable and so I relied on Motrin alone for my pain/inflammation management. I was finally able to leave the house and see my friends.