Surgery Update: Day 4

Slept through Wednesday night without waking once, and stayed in bed till 10:30. (I didn't get to bed until 1 the night before) I got out of bed without thinking to much about the action and went to go brush my teeth, when it occurred to me that I didn't feel any pain and had no hesitation or problems maneuvering. This of course put me in a very cheerful mood.

Most of GI upset from the previous evening had gone, though I still am a bit concerned about retaining fluids. If it continues much longer, I'm going to call the doctor. That said, I felt great. I walked down the stairs to make breakfast with no issue at all, no real pain but the slight irritation (1) of my waistband rubbing my wound dressing. Went to meet fellow students at school to discuss a project and felt like a normal human being again, driving... taking the stairs.. carrying books. All good things. And even better, I did it all with nothing but 500mg of Motrin in my system.

The rest of the day was uneventful. In the late afternoon, I developed a bit of a muscle spasm in the area of my lower back where I had been most irritated from my ruptured disc. This was no real surprise to me. So to try and cut-off any progressive muscle retaliation, I'm going to stick to the Flexeril and Vicodin at night until I go back to school and have to get up earlier than I would like to in the morning.

I should be changing my dressing tomorrow and will hopefully be able to share some photos of my surgical site with any morbidly curious folks like myself.