Surgery Update: Day 5

I am a normal human being... well, almost.

I had a good night's sleep, got out of bed without a hitch. Even pulled my own socks on without having to negotiate the angle by which I did so. Took Motrin to make sure I stayed so limber and was off to run errands. I went along all day with virtually no pain. The exceptions being: shifting in a seat and a minor muscle spasm still lingering in my lower right lumbar. I even walked around a mall for an hour without my feet going numb once... no crippling pain. What will I do with myself?

Oh, and as promised, below this link is a picture of my incision today. (Day 6)

Each one of those ticks is about an inch tall. This makes my incision under an inch. I guess that is why they call it microdiscectomy now...