New Project - Half Bar for Closet

I needed more closet space and was envious of the lovely, expensive custom closets I saw in magazines. You know the ones that are all organized and partitioned... 

Well, today I resolved that. I went to Home Depot, picked up a few supplies and with no tools made a second level of my closet for a fraction of the cost of the custom closet systems.

Here's what you need:

1 - 1/2 In. X 36 In. Galvanized Degree Nipple Pipe (or what

 ever length you need)

2 - 1/2 In. Galvanized Degree Floor Flange

4 - Lehigh 1/4 In. Zinc Plated Spring Link

A length of Crown Bolt #135 x 1 Ft. Chain Handy Link Zinc


2 - 2 In. Galvanized DWV Hanger

Here's how you do it: