Update: Past Successes and Future Endeavors


Great news… for folks who don’t already know – I got a 100 on my chem. final and an A as a final grade in the class! Completely unexpected but wonderful. Gives me confidence for my upcoming semester in which I am taking on too many classes: Chem II, A&P II, Microbioolgy and Stats – all at the same time. Come Sept. 2 I will again have no life. So now I’m just finishing up my last two weeks of psych and then I get two weeks of summer. Woot.

Health & Wellness

Gym is the same. Workout the same. Feeling a bit lazy though.
Nutrition is going. Working on the new blog bit by bit. I’ve been being really irresponsible on the weekends… even moderation in moderation though.

Employment & Finance

Unemployment coming in is good. Just got my first loans check – still not enough to pay off the cards with my tutition on them – but enough to pay this month’s minimum payment.

Personal Practice

I have plans to visit a temple this week to kick off my practice. It’s in Paxton, though I’ve never been. I also heard rumor of one in Barre but I could be wrong. If anyone has input please chime in.

Artistic Endeavors

I have a new mixed media project in mind for sale in galleries and online. Maybe on Etsy. Still perfecting the production process and determining what themes fit the style and are marketable. If anyone has any particular photos they think might make good art let me know. My (incomplete) online gallery is at www.ajnaphotography.blogspot.com

Social Life

Missing Pennsic. There is always next year – I’ll just be really prepared and save up all year.

Still looking forward to CTRF.

The bar is awesome and folks should come visit me!

Met up with my best friend from high school whose moved back into the area from Spain for at least a year. Its great to have a good friend so local.

Reconnected with a new friend that I lost touch with some time ago due to a million things, but now he’s closer and that is full of the awesome.

Planning some mini-vacations before I head back to the books. So, thats exciting.

Bits & Bobs

So my car has a belt out of place… visibly. Doesn’t seem to affect function, so I am assuming its AC or the Superturbo charge thing. I’m bringing it in tomorrow and praying to the car gods that it is cheap and quick. I don’t have the resources for anything else right now.

Still on the lookout for a small square (medical style) freezer… any one hears of anything let me know.

Namaste all.