Vegan-on-a-Shoestring: Week 1

So as a lazy and now very poor, health conscious vegan, I have to do a great deal of strategic planning when it comes to my meals.  To stay within budget I plan my weekly shopping trip - what I need from each store and roughly how much it should be. I do not deviate from the list. 

The qualifications are as follows:

  • my weekly budget is $30 or so (for just myself)
  • the meals must be healthy: low in sodium and saturated fat, high in fiber and protein
  • a daily meal plan should be around 1500 - 1600 (on days I do not exercise) 

I have decided to share my weekly planning with the web at large, mostly due to the fact that this information is difficult to find and if I can save someone the hassle - all the better.

So here goes...


Caloric Total: Around 1,600 
(depending on preparation and specific ingredients)

Breakfast: Cereal with almond milk, Banana

Morning Snack: Carrots (3))

Lunch: Whole Wheat Hummus and Veggie Wrap

Afternoon Snack: Fruity Soy Yogurt

Dinner: Chocolate strawberry protein shake & Salad with white beans and pineapple salsa

Extras: Rice Cakes (2), Nectarine