Update: A life beyond books… Is it possible?


Got an A on my Muscular/Skeletal Systems exam. 2 down, 1 to go. For which, I will be studying later this evening. I really like that my hard work has paid off and that the study habits I cultivated 6 years ago, haven’t disappeared completely. Have to admit I’m nervous about starting Chemistry on Monday. I’m more anxious about doing two accelerated classes at once. But you do what you have to right? I

All this said, I am loving my course of study and I think I’ll love nursing. Its everything I enjoy: meaningful content, practical study, and its all about how things function, which is always nifty.

All in all, this is my life right now. It’s demanding but I always love a challenge. I also enjoy the hyper focus that comes with such things… it proves how little you need in your life to be happy - some down time, good friends, food.

Health & Wellness

As I said previously, I’ve had to cut back a bit on my gym time. And I can no longer fit Powerflex into my schedule. But I will percivere! I’m still running and doing some weight training. And I can’t say how much I’m looking forward to the fit workshop this weekend… no bones, or neurons, or obscure little muscles. Well, not unless I pull one.

As far as vegan dining is concerned… I’m poor. Can’t afford to be extravagant. But Trader Joe’s is a blessing. I prefer fresh, raw meals… but I’m settling for veggie chili and frozen veggies. Still healthy, but not as much so. I’m thinking about posting my weekly meal plans for other folks on a vegan shoestring budget. I’ve not found a lot of resources.


Still not employed. Still not receiving unemployment. Things are getting tight. But just got to muddle through. Friends and family have been generous when called upon and that’s been really crucial. I hate asking for anything though. I applied today to be a promo girl on Friday and Saturday afternoons. Its fits my schedule and pays well. I’ve determined I need only $100.00 a week to survive. 

Personal Practice

Non-existant. I might get time to read a sentence or two of the emails from Tricycle I get on a daily basis. Might help with the stress though…

Social Life

Went to a reunion for my childhood dance company (PASOW). Folks haven’t really changed… well except for marriage and kids and such. But their essence remained the same. We all seemed to just click back into place. There were a few faces missing, but that was not to be helped. A good time all the same.

I went to Pirate Faire and it was chock full of awesome. Except for the damp cold weather. But it was worth it to see such a great performance. You folks should be proud.

So looking forward to CTRF this weekend. I get to see all my peeps and play with swords. What more could a girl want?

Bits & Bobs

Still transferring things over to the new computer, now named Samsara. It has a poor reception for wireless. I’m hoping to bring it in to an Apple store next Wednesday after class and before game.

Car is going in for inspection tomorrow.

Garden is going well. Lettuce didn’t work out, but the peppers and tomtatoes are doing fine.

That’s about it really. Namaste all.