Update: Lots of Firsts

This past week was full of firsts. Many new challenges to work with.


A big week. Started my first clinical rotation this week at a rehab facility. Started in right away the day after my orientation with my own patient. He’s an interesting case who has had quite the hospitalization journey. From one possibly fatal circulation issue to another nearly fatal heart complication and the patient was then broad-sided by a close call with a severe GI issue. Finally, patient got an infection on top of it. Yeah. They have had quite the journey. But you wouldn’t know it by anything but the incisions… all they complain about is a chronic pain from a congenital defect. Really pretty amazing.

I gave my first meds, did my first documented health assessment, took vitals, assisted with a dressing change. All in all pretty neat. That said, I had my fair share of anxiety and feeling overwhelmed too. I feel as though I’m constantly playing catch up. I never seem to know quite enough… this is to be expected I know. My amazing clinical instructor said as much. She put things in perspective when I was stressing that fact that I didn’t take a particular assessment after an incident. She reassured me saying that my only job in the circumstance was to notify the nurse that something had changed. I did extra… but still in the circumstances I wanted to do everything I could for my patient.

I am hitting a few personal brick walls. They’ve been there all along but now that I am in a service industry they are coming to the fore. I am self-oriented even as I am interested in the welfare of others. I don’t directly empathize with a person… instead I have to filter their sensations through a projection of my own experiences. This creates a delay in my reaction. It is something I’m working on. Also, I don’t multi-task well. I hyper-focus on what I am doing and its already an issue. I’m supposed to always be doing at least two things at once: Asking about comfort level while assessing skin turgor and affect, etc… I need to figure out a way to make this happen. Hopefully, it will come with practice.

Health & Wellness

I’m adjusting to my new schedule. The heat this week had made things difficult. My clinical is first shift (6.3a-2.3p) and so I’m up and out early. Trouble is I’m a night person. I study best at night, especially when its so hot in the afternoon. So I’m averaging 4-6 hours a night, which really isn’t enough. Hoping to recover this weekend…

Employment & Finance

Still waiting on the nursing assistant position. Issue is everyone seems to be on vacation.


MaSNA: Working on getting some volunteer opportunities together for student nurses. Looking into walks and clinics. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.

Hospice: Started with my first hospice patient this week. She is a lovely woman with a love of birds and chocolate. I had to keep the speed and complexity of conversation in check. That will take some work. I’m going to look for a bird picture book for next week. I’m not sure yet how she feels about her prognosis. Right now, I just try and make her day a little more pleasant. The experience is a nice counterpoint to my clinical patient care where I have little time to spend with my patients.

Red Cross: I still haven’t been out on a call but I’m sure it will happen sometime soon. I’m looking into taking a class on shelter logistics soon.

Personal Practice

Haven’t had too much of a chance to sit on Sundays due to other scheduled commitments. But I’m hoping to work that in over the next few weekends. There is a work weekend I’d like to help out with. I think my practice will really be key to helping me keep my head on my shoulders. I just need to follow through with it.

Also, I am reading a book by John Daido Loori, called “The Heart of Being.” It is a book about Zen ethics. Really a very interesting read.

Social Life

Been gaming lately. Loving the campaign we have going on. Really a very fun character and world.

Went to see The Last Airbender. It was…ok. Loved the scenery, costumes and fights. The rest was not really that great. I did not like what they did with Inro. And why the name pronunciation changes? I hope they do a second but get a different director. And can someone please tell me why they keep hiring Shayamalan?

Namaste all.