Update: The New Year


This time next week I will have taken the GRE.

This time next week I’ll have had my orientation for the MCPHS Nursing Program.

Need to buy my textbooks today… which is only possibly because I own a credit card. I don’t get my dispersement until mid-February. Who designed this system? Because I am not a fan.

Courses I’ll be taking this term:

Nursing History, Nursing Skills and Technologies, Nursing Essentials, Pathology & Pharmacology.

Health & Wellness

Back has been none to pleased with me lately. I’m anxiously awaiting my appointment on the 13th with the surgeon, hoping this will all be resolved soon. Doctor prescribed me a muscle relaxant for my bad days, but I’m having to use it more than I’d like.

Oh, and unsurprisingly I gained a few pounds over the holidays. They will be easy to lose now that the cookies are gone.

Employment & Finance

My money situation is a bit of a worry at the moment. The bar has not been needing me at all, and my unemployment will more than likely be disappearing within a week or two because I will longer be in an approved training program. So… I need some sort of job. This would ideally be sitting, two days a week (ideally, Fri and Sat nights) where I could pull in about $150 after taxes. I don’t need to make a mint, just enough to feed myself and pay bills and gas money. So if anyone is struck with a brilliant idea, let me know.

Personal Practice

Formal practice has been postponed until I can move properly. I have been working on mindful speech and consumption though.

Artistic Endeavors

Possible opportunity to be a club photographer… more on that to come.

Social Life

Lots of socializing with friends old and new. Saw the majority of my close relations from both my mom’s side and my dad’s side. Chilled with a good friend I rarely have the chance to see. Went to quite a few holiday parties and took some incriminating photos… just kidding. (I think. )

Bits & Bobs

Nothing of note really. So…

Namaste all.