Update: Tests Everywhere!

Tests! Lots of them this week - one in each subject actually. I kinda like the stress though. I know I’m weird, like Hermione weird. Looking forward to my birthday in under two weeks. 28. Not sure what that supposed to feel like, but I’m ok with it. Have a new friend,Winbly the rat! Someone to keep me company while I study. And in general, I’m really happy with life, there are some rough patches, sure, but I have a good balance right now.


Anatomy & Physiology 2… Lecture test on lymph and immune systems coming up on Monday. Had a lab practical this past Monday. Pretty sure I did alright. This upcoming test seems more reasonable with the slight exception of the B/T cell interaction.

Chemistry… did pretty well on the first test: A- But my lab scores average around an A, which is good. Have the test on Saturday, which I may purposely miss so I have more time to study.

Stats… I did well enough on this last quiz, trying to keep my average at a 95, so that I can get only an 80 on the final and still have an A. Good plan – we’ll see if I can make it happen. Think I ace’d the last quiz and next weeks is almost the same material... so happily less studying, so I can focus on all my other subject tests.

Microbiology… have another test this week on Friday. (Yes, that puts me at 4 exams this week – one per class). This one is both complicated and tedious, the genetics is pretty in-depth and then there is the ba-jillion individual bacteria and their characteristics to memorize. Whee.

MCPHS Nursing Program: Got my booklist and uniform/stethoscope requirements. Eek! Hope I can get an advance on my loans!

Health & Wellness

Had another PT evaluation today. Apparently, my SI is still not stabilized. So I was given different exercises and some thera-bands. The PT would like t see me in an SI belt while doing any standing, walking or asymmetrical movements. I think this could be for the best. I’m really done with this whole legs giving out, butt ache thing. Plus I start practical’s in January and its important for nursing to be able to stand, so I hear.

Employment & Finance

$200 left of training compensation. So there’s that. But I picked up another night at the Playhouse Bar, and I’m hoping that compensates. I’d like to keep some small amount of savings in case my car blows up, or I need to flee the country.

Personal Practice

Back with 20 minute meditation sessions in the morning. Really pleased about that. Also keeping up with nightly spiritual readings and daily zen emails. Try to make more of a practice out of eating and walking.

Artistic Endeavors

Not really. Have a plot to make a costume…maybe over Thanksgiving break? It might serve me well in the Holidays.

Planning Halloween/Birthday costumes. Might even involve some real makeup work… yay!

Social Life

Working at the bar constitutes being social for me… lots of chill folks to chat with there when its slow.

Game night as usual, assuming I don’t have any upcoming tests. So that’s a no go this week.

Bits & Bobs

Most importantly… I have a pet! He’s a rat named Wimbly, that I adopted from someone through faire who could no longer keep him. Hes a bit skittish still but doesn’t bit or anything. I try and hold him for at least 30 every day.. usually more like an hour. He chills with me on the bed (read: hides under the pillows) when I’m studying there. Loves bananas. He has a bit of a musk thing going on, which is normal, but I think it may be a bit out of hand, so I’m trying to brush him and feed him flaxseed oil (good for his coat).

Did some gigs and have another one coming up tomorrow – medieval murder mystery. Should be a blast. Love getting to play with people. Good stuff.

Namaste all.