Update: Prepare and Enjoy


Bit of a stressful week, this week. Overlap of tests in my two most difficult subjects: A&P – because the teacher doesn’t actually teach the material, and Chemistry 2 – because it involves math, my not so strong point.

In other news, I didn’t get the internship. Looks like it was first come – first served. Might be for the best, I have little enough time as it is.

Anatomy & Physiology 2… struggling to memorize the circulatory system this week. But I think I’ll be ok.

Chemistry… Working on my problems this week, two a day. Hopefully, I struggle a bit less with this set.

Stats… is tonight. Got an A on my first quiz and thinking tonight’s should be much the same. Its not a difficult class if you read and do the homework.

Microbiology… is great as usual. Counting colonies in the lab today. I got an 98/A on my first test, which proves that my study methods match up with the demands of the class. Very straightforward.

Health & Wellness

Back/Hips still really bothersome. I’m going to try to take yoga back up at the gym this week. I also, might be in the market for a chiropractor.

Employment & Finance

Unemployment is still going. Cutting down to 1 day a week at the bar is making things a bit tight. But I’ll get by.

I’m excited about a paying gig this Thursday night. Hopefully some pictures to come.

Personal Practice

Non-traditional as of late, reading, walking, eating mindfully. Hoping to return to formal sitting soon.

Artistic Endeavors

Dress for CTRF finished. Halloween costume ideas on the back burner until my tests are completed this week.

Social Life

CTRF opened this weekend and I got to see all my friends. I had a fabulous time despite the rain, but I may need to waterproof my shoes. I love my character, such fun! I hope to see you all down there!

Chill night with Sean and gaming night need to be skipped this week, due to studying. *sigh* School always comes first.

Bits & Bobs

Car didn’t happen. Too bad really, it was perfect. But it might be good to have the backup money in my account. I’ll just leave it there and keep my eye out for something in my price range that’s fuel-efficient. Hopefully my boat of a car stays together long enough to see that through.

Cleaned my room and rearranged furniture. Its feeling much more spacious now.

Finally bought the external hard drive to back up my computer. What a relief. One day when I have time, I’ll try and find those missing pictures of mine.

Still hoping to find time to go apple/pumpkin picking. Perhaps on a Saturday afternoon after I get out of Chemistry. I think waiting for faire to be over might be too late in the season.

I realized recently, that I really have a wonderful life. I’m healthy (for the most part) surrounded by fantastic people, doing well in my academic pursuits, and not having to worry overmuch about money. I know nothing is permanent, but I’m pleased that I can relish the moment while I’m still in it.

Namaste all.