Update: Officially Accepted


Biggest, best-est news yet… I got officially accepted to Mass. College of Pharmacy and Health Science’s (MCPHS) accelerated BSN program starting this January. I’m elated.

More mundane, the semester is well and truly started.

I am loving Microbiology and I am going out for an internship with Department of Public Health in Worcester for pandemic preparations and response. Hope I get it, as it seems like a really interesting way to spend a few hours a week and right in line with the kind of nursing I want to do.

Anatomy & Physiology 2… is interesting. The professor is a brilliant and zany man who spent the first few lectures discussing the evils of modified corn syrup (with which I generally agree) but did not really lecture on the anatomy of the heart at all. Well, now we’ve touched upon and it and I’m worried – he doesn’t stick to his notes and lectures a million miles a minute. I really don’t want to have to teach myself the material. I’m a touch nervous as to what he is actually going to cover on his tests.

Chemistry… I actually need to do my problems this morning before class. It is the same material I covered this summer but with more meaning and depth. I think I should be good on this front, but these problems do have me thinking.

Stats… is tedious and painfully slow moving. Its not difficult material and I really really wish I could have done it this summer as an accelerated class. Now its like pulling teeth.

Overall, I prefer summer class format – the onslaught of new information and the high demands/quick deadlines make me happy. Dragging the information out over several sessions just seems like a waste of time. But that said, I still adore being in school. Yay nerd-dom!

Health & Wellness

Physical therapy is slow going. I’ve started doing the elliptical and some painful stretching, but all will be well eventually.

I’ve had some sort of sick for a few days this last week, nothing dire, just cough and a bit of a sore throat that gets worse near bedtime. Doing what I can – resting, liquids, echineasia, vitamin c, neti pot. Should be over soon.

Employment & Finance

Unemployment is now training stipend and that’s cool… especially since I’m going out for a paid internship at the Department of Public Health in Worcester dealing with pandemics. Really excited about that.

Personal Practice

Restricted lately to spiritual reading and reflection… but that’s still something.

Artistic Endeavors

Working on a dress for CTRF. Having sleeve issues. There will be pictures when its finished.

Social Life

CTRF rocks. Will be opening in 2 weeks and I fully expect everyone to come out for it… I’ll just be there Sunday due to class schedule. But I’d love to see folks. Ask me if you need details.

There is a birthday party in the works. Email invites will be out soon. But save 11/7!

Bits & Bobs

Still waiting on car stuff. Hoping something will come about soon-ish.

Sad news. My Fiji dad passed away some time ago. He was a wonderful man who took me in as a daughter when he had no reason to. I’m very thankful for having met him and shared the time that we did together.

Loving the fall weather... I need to plan my apple/pumpkin picking trips soon-ish. Who’s in?

Namaste all.