Vegan-On-a-Shoestring: Week 2

Week 2. Enjoy. I'd never be able to stay within budget without Trader Joe's.

The qualifications are as follows:
  • my weekly budget is $30 - $40 (for just myself)
  • the meals must be healthy: low in sodium and saturated fat, high in fiber and protein
  • a daily meal plan should be around 1500 - 1600 (on days I do not exercise)


Caloric Total: Around 1,500
(depending on preparation and specific ingredients)

Breakfast: 2 Whole Wheat Mini-Bagels with Tofutti Cream Cheese, Peach/Nectarine

Morning Snack: Apple Sauce, Carrots (3)

Lunch: Sliced Cucumber, Mediterranean Pasta Salad (Recipe to follow)

Afternoon Snack: Caramel Rice Cake, Plum

Dinner: "Hot Dog" (2), Ear of Corn, Collard Greens, Blueberries

Beverages: Water, A Cup of Almond Milk