Update: Persistence Pays Off


I’m in full swing with my second session of summer classes, actually coming to the close of chemistry. My final is this Thursday. Thus far, I have done better than I thought I might. That isn’t to say I haven’t made every effort at getting a good grade, just that in the past despite my best efforts I sill was only able to get a B or so. Thus far I am averaging an A, which is nothing short of astounding to me.

I am taking a second class, as I mentioned, Psychology of Aging. It is moderately interesting but not difficult. It is truly frustrating how slowly the class is moving. The instructor has no control of class discussions and lets them spiral out and take over the three hours of class each night. But it’s a pre-req and it was a good class to take while I was killing myself with chemistry.

Health & Wellness

I’ve been able to fit 2 days of running and one day of Powerflex, the aerobic weight training class. One thing I have found is the less I run in a week, the more effective it is when I do run. I think I may keep my cardio down to 2-3 days a week.

Nutrition is going well. Coming up with new recipes every week. I’m going to build a blog solely dedicated to all the vegan goodness I come up with. Keep a look out for it.


Unemployment was just granted Friday. I was approved for a supported training program where they will give me unemployment each week to attend school, which is absolutely perfect. My first check arrived that day also. I’m in a much rosier place now.

I’ve been helping a friend out every once and again as a bartender at his place in Attleboro. Ask me when I’ll be there and come visit!

My financial aid for the summer was finally approved and should possibly be at the school for Monday, meaning - I can finally pay off the tuition I had to put on my credit cards at the beginning of the summer.

Personal Practice

Still no active pursuit of daily meditation on my part. I try and remain mindful as always. Once chemistry ends this week, I hope to build up a strong daily commitment before classes begin again in the fall.

Social Life

Looking forward to CTRF starting in a few weeks. Looks to be a blast!

The bar is providing me ample opportunity to be social, which I really enjoy.

I saw Harry Potter but wont go into details, no worries. I enjoyed it of course but was a bit thrown with how choppy it all was… friends who have recently reread the series assure me it was similar in the book. But seriously, how does HP get away with half of what he does and not get kicked out of school?!

I went to the beach yesterday for the first time in who knows how long… and it was brilliant. I for got how much relaxation comes from such a simple act as laying in the sun near water. There tentative plans to create a mini-vacation before school starts since I cannot go to Pennsic. I’m toying with the idea of beachy-camping maybe. Something outdoors and active.

Bits & Bobs

Brought the computer in… it was a bad airport card. Fixed now. Yay.

Garden is alright. The extra water and too little sun has not done well by it.

I’m on the lookout for a small square (medical style) freezer… any one hears of anything let me know.

- Namaste all.