Update: More of the Same


I got an A on my first exam, which is worth nearly 1/3 of my final grade. *does dance of joy and nerdiness*

The next exam is going to be really intense… the entire skeletal and muscular system in 2 weeks. As much fun as you can imagine it might be. I’m longing for more time to absorb the information. I really enjoy learning about A&P and I am constantly in awe of just how astounding our bodies really are.

Still planning on applying to Annamaria and MCPHS in Worcester. I have my Chemistry I course half approved (by MCPHS not Worcester State yet) It begins on the 29th of this month. Its MWF at Framingham State at 8:30 in the morning. I’m hoping the traffic in the mornings isn’t going to be that bad…but I am a realist.

Health & Wellness

Still going to the gym when I can, but my back decided to act up… looks like a partially herniated disc in my lower lumbar. It’s not crippling, but I can’t do any resistance or weight training and I have to keep my runs under 4 miles. I went to see the doctor a week ago, he gave me some muscle relaxants but its still bothering me. I’m going to call today to make another appointment to request some PT.


So… I am no longer employed. I was laid off with no notice on Wednesday. Walked in was pulled into the President’s office and told ‘your last was Monday’ and here are some forms on how to file for unemployment.

The plan is to stay on unemployment and keep my eye out for a job that really fits my needs, keeping in mind a school schedule in the fall. I wouldn’t mind getting trained as a CNA… But in the meantime, I’ll apply of course, but the next 8 weeks are really demanding as far as school is concerned.

Personal Practice

Still reading Pema Chodron's "Start Where You Are."

I’m hoping to take up meditation in the mornings before class on Tuesdays and Thursdays minimally. I also would like to begin doing more walking meditation.

Social Life

Went to James’ B-day party. Always a great time. I was really excited to see distant and not-so-distant-but-never-seen friends. Had some very tasty frozen fruity drinks and a lovely chocolate amaretto smoothie. (Yes, it is as good as it sounds.)

 VegWorcester just got noticed that the pamphlets will be arriving by the 19th. All day vegan buffet at Buddha Hut is on! It will be on July 11th from 12-7. Please come! I’ll be putting up more info and a poster on all my various social networks.

Bellydancing is over, but I plan to continue my studies with the help of YouTube and videos in my spare time. (hahahaha…)

Bits & Bobs

The computer is now being transferred into. Looks like the permission issue was mysteriously fixed by Chris.

Still working on getting a 'new' copy of Photoshop.

Garden is still delightful. No produce yet… but then again its only been a few weeks. The rain has my job so much easier.

Went to see “Drag Me To Hell” by Sam Raimi. It was good in an amazingly gross way. Not a ‘real’ horror film, more of a thrill with some comedy thrown in. Very much in his genre of cult classic.