Weekly Review: Fantastical Dalliances

Briefly put, applications are in. Now comes the waiting part. Not sure when I’ll hear back… hopefully within a month or two.

Working Out

Still going well. Went to the gym 4 times this week. Did a mix of weight lifting, treadmill and elliptical. I met with a personal trainer, Amy, to discuss a good routine for the toning and aerobics aspects of my working out. Have another appointment this coming Wednesday to finely tune the suggested routine. After I settle into a certain life for myself (job, school etc…) I would like to get back into bellydance and/or a martial art. Still not sure what the best way to track my progress is… I need something numerical, but I can’t seem to access a decent scale and measuring myself is also troublesome.


I have a part-time temporary administrative position. I’m going to give a call into Execustaff again. Putting applications on my own for an administrative assistant position has thus far been fruitless. Maybe I should aim in a different direction… security job, retail. I’m trying to not run out of steam.

Bits and Bobs
Mental Health
I finally decided to action concerning my mental wellbeing. It has come apparent to me that my cyclical patterns of depression keep me from achieving a sense of stability and contentment in my day to day living. So I'm doing something about and seeing a counselor. Its nothing drastic of course. I just feel as though I am not reaching my own potential.

I had a wonderful modeling session this week with a good friend and great photographer, Robert Paterson. I’ll hopefully be posting the results of that shoot here and on my modeling page. If anyone knows of a vendor or photographer who might need a model for whatever, do keep me in mind.

Arisia 2009
I had a fabulous time. There was Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-Long Blog, a Steampunk dance, a panel on the creative uses of Home Depot, goth and burlesque-ness and parties. I danced the night away and was able to dress up. Definitely on the agenda for next year, but with a better costume budget and more planning. I’m hoping to be a naughty nurse and maybe be on a panel… veganism in space or some other such nonsense. Pictures are in the gallery below.