Weekly Review: Climbing Onward

As part of my New Year's resolution, I avowed to keep a weekly journal. It won't all be made public, but what parts are will be posted here. So here goes.

Moving In
The most significant event of late has been my relocation to Worcester. I moved back in with my family in order to get my bearings before setting my next course. My mother has been wonderfully accommodating and set me up with a lovely room. This is not the long-term plan... I'm looking at staying the area about a year, while I attend a local school, unless something drastically changes in the near future.

School Applications
That brings me to applying to schools. Since my return from the Peace Corps, I have sought to continue my education… thought this has taken several directions. I have come to the conclusion that I need to pursue a stable, viable career while aiming to eventually move on to something more akin to what I envision myself doing. Nursing was the solution. I hope to achieve my R.N within a year or so and then get a position in the Boston/North Shore area. From there I would like to continue my education to the Master's level as a Nurse Practitioner was a focus on Mental Health with a mind to work in the international relief field.

Job Search
Back to the dole line for me. (Well, if I qualified that is…) I'm out of work once more, but now in Worcester, so at least I am spared the stress of paying rent while I look for gainful employment. I'm currently looking for an administrative position (full-time ideally, part-time works too.) ideally, in medical administration. I've put in applications at several hospitals in the area, but as of this posting nothing has panned out. Here's hoping.

Working Out
One thing I do have is quite a bit of free time and unemployment angst… the mutual resolution of these issues is to workout. So I have been going to the gym, kicking my own arse into shape. I have a modeling shoot this coming week and a fashion show in the near future, so these are great motivators to maintain a good regimen. This week: I ran, took a PowerFlex class, went rock climbing and used the elliptical.

Life's Little Details

Broken Display: In transport from Marblehead to Worcester, my lovely 23” Cinema HD display broke its leg off and was handicapped for sometime. It was very sad but after a bit of google-ing and good web-fu, I found a perfect solution. A guitar stand. It was that simple. I got a folding stand from Daddy's Junky Music. I do not plan on reattaching the leg, as the stand is more stable and when I need to move my display again, there are no breakable parts. Next endeavor is to procure some industrial felt and create a case that will also act as an attractive display cover. Who knows maybe I can sell the end product…

Movie - Wall-E: A great flick. Cute. It was a little depressing but still had some hope for our lazy species.

Movie - Milk: Amazing. This was a moving portrayal of the true story.
I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone.