Watching Dogville

The universe has seen fit to bestow an abundance of odd, deep, and possibly disturbing movies. All very theatrical.

Tonight, was Dogville, a very Brechtian Nicole Kidman film about a small town. It took some adjusting but eventually I sunk in. Really, I think it would be better served as a play, the lighting and the set seemed too pronounced and were distracting at times.

The meat of the film however, was not the visuals but the emotional/intellectual investigation of what it is to be human and the idea of goodness. Being in Fiji and occupied with other more tangible matters, I had left such thoughts to the wayside. But this movie (as well as Edmond) has awakened my dozing philosopher.

The main question that arises in me is how does one interact deliberately and responsibly in a world of individuals, each living within their own paradigm? We can never rightly know another's intent behind their actions and yet we must act upon the information with which we are presented. My own practical dilemma lies in establishing personal boundaries and ideals of behavior in regards to interaction with others. What is appropriate? Compassionate? Aware? If I hold myself fully accountable for my own behavior, should I not do the same in others? Is it a compassionate act to forgive others... or is it better to acknowledge their action as an expression of their personal values and therefore hold them to their choice?

I will also have to watch this movie again... how fortunate I own it. Like Edmond, my next viewing shall involve suitable company and long discussions and possibly some tea.