Road Trip 2010: Pittsburgh, PA - Day 2

Pittsburgh, PA

Our second day was more laid back than the first. I was up earlier than other folks so I putted about the house, meditated and did some reading. Once Sean was up, we went to Starbucks so I could grab some coffee.

Once our day was started properly, we headed out for lunch at a well-known vegetarian/vegan hot spot called The Quiet Storm (5430 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh).The place has the feel of a 1950’s dinner with all the vegan milkshakes an animal lover could want (I had the


in pie one). They offer a wide variety of diner-like items, including their famous homefries.

The neighborhood around Quiet Storm was interesting. The backbone of the area was a bit rundown with neglected old Victorians, but there bright strea

ks of an upcoming eco-minded artsy community showing through. Every so often you’d spot a very modern looking building housing some arts or environmental initiative group.

It really was something to see. Also, there we saw the

Kubideh Kitchen, which is a take-out restaurant that only serves cuisine from countries that the United States is in conflict with, created by Conflict kitchen.

Then we needed to satisfy our sweet-teeth and off to Oh Yeah! Ice Cream Parlor (232 South Highland Avenue, Pittsburgh) we went. This place is astounding. Something like a vegan-friendly Coldstone on steroids. 100+ mix ins! Seriously. Everything from M&Ms to hops and hot peppers. And they always have vegan waffles.

Only a few moments of respite before we left to visit a good friend of Sean’s, Poroma. A short drive and we were there and the two of them caught up on old times. We hit up a nearby bar, The Fox and the Hound (Ste 2002, 8000 McKnight Road, Pittsburgh), for a few drinks. They weren’t very strong so we did have to make up for that in quantity. The waitress, however, was amazing. But, that may have had something to do with us flirting. Maybe. Then, b

ack to Poroma’s to chat some more and then home again to bed.