Road Trip 2010: Hoboken, NJ

Providence, RI to Hoboken, NJ

Off and running (if a bit behind) Sean and I made it down to NJ with only one small near-death driving experience in NYC. We survived and made it to Amber Lea's place, where we caught up on the missed years and then promptly crashed.

The next day we decided to spend a bit more time in the area so we could go into NYC and grab some food. This pleased me greatly, as New York City has a large variety of vegan foodstuffs (check out: SuperVegan Guide to NYC)

We took the PATH in and then rode the Metro to get around. First stop: Lunch.

We had lunch at a 'SNICE (45 8th Ave. New York). I got a fantastic "chicken" caesar salad wrap. Sean grabbed a Tempeh Ruben.

We stopped at Caracas (93 East 7th Street, New York) to try the arepas that Amber Lea raved about. I got an arepa with plantains, baked tofu and avocado. Fantastic. I would love to try my hand at making one of these at home.

Next up: Ice Cream. Our destination was Lula's Sweet Apothecary (516 East 6th Street. New York), a entirely vegan ice cream shoppe. I ordered a 'Drumstick' flavored ice cream that used a non-soy cashew/coconut base. It had cone, chocolate and peanut chunks and brought me straight back to childhood. Sean got a blackberry softserve with butterscotch ice cream and Amber Lea grabbed a chocolate and peanut butter malt. All were pleased with their choices.

Most of our day was spent wandering the streets of West and East villages with Amber Lea. Goofy photos were taken and amazing vegan food consumed.
A great start to the road trip.