Raw Journey: Getting Back on Track

So stress wreaks havoc on life... I know this. I am living this. However, I have let my foundations become unhinged by my stressors (school, finance, school, fitness, school). Though following through with my raw plan for several weeks, I gained weight, not much but some. This was mostly due to my reaction to stress. I binge and in this case that meant lots of Larabars, nuts and nut butters. Anything remotely decadent. Leave it to me to find a way.

Anyway, I need to get back to a more structured way of eating (and living). It really does give me a sense of order and peace; knowing that I am nourishing my body without having to think about it each meal. So, back to the drawing board to create a weekly meal plan.

This week, I give you a meal plan that includes room for adaptation.

It is raw-ish, vegan, and low calorie, a total of 1000 Kcal to be precise. This gives me some degree of room to play... add popcorn, extra fruit, extra snacky thing...


Morning Snack: Banana Milk using soymilk. (100 cal)

Breakfast: Raw oatmeal with cinnamon, almonds, raisins and apples. (270 cal)

Lunch: BLT salad with homemade sprouted croutons (170 cal)

Afternoon Snack: Carrot rounds and hummus (85 cal)

Dinner: Thai Vegetable Stew [The Everyday Vegan] (200 cal)

Sweet Snack: Some fruit. (75 cal)

TOTAL: 1000 calories.