Update: Life: Reclaimed!

Been a long while since an update, nearly two months actually, since a real update. Anyway. The semester is over and my short lived academic career at Worcester State College is over. Heading into the holidays and that’s always fun.


Finals are over and done with, and so I can give you the expected results of each class. I’ll be posting separate reviews of each class on the blog for future students.

Anatomy & Physiology 2… Can’t imagine I didn’t get an A in this class. I had a 103 average going into the final, which took the pressure off. It was a fun class if absurd. It’s a pity such a brilliant man can’t teach.

Chemistry… Didn’t do so great on the final, B+. Makes me a little sad just to type the letter. But in the bigger picture my GPA should only go down to 3.9. Still very much scholarship material. Have to say, this class was a little bit of torture every Saturday (all day…) My other chemistry teacher at FSC made it appealing enough that I looked forward to my homework, this instructor just made it seem like drudgery. This class was a lesson in how class timing and an instructor can make or break an A.

Stats… haven’t gotten the grade back, but almost absolutely sure I got an A. This class was far more simple that I thought, even with the math. Funny, I actually was good enough to tutor folks. Who knew?

Microbiology… A on the final, A in the class. Really, really enjoyed this class. There was some foolish rote memorization asked of us, but generally, we just got to learn about neat things. The experiments were a blast.

GRE: Trying to study at least 4-5 hours a day until I take the test on January 6th.

MCPHS Nursing Program: Can’t get an advance on loans for my supplies, so hopefully Santa wants to give me textbooks for Christmas, or this will all be going on a credit card until my disbursement in mid-February.

Health & Wellness

PT is done and over with. SI seems to be in alignment consistently, but my piriformis are still a constant issue making it difficult to walk. Contacted the Doc and had an MRI. What we found made me thankful I could still walk. (If you want a peek check out my FB profile) I have a large centrally herniated disk on L4/L5. I have an appointment with a neurosurgeon in mid-January. My money is on me needing surgery, but I can always hope for the really long and ugly steroid shot.

Employment & Finance

I got an extension on unemployment, but I am switching academic programs, so that may be going away. As will my decent healthcare coverage.

The bar is good when I am there. But I don’t think one night is sufficient. I need another ½ day a week job that will give me $100 a week. That’s what I need to survive. If anyone has any brilliant, mostly legal ideas… I’d love your thoughts.

Personal Practice

Has been horrible. This is me judging myself here. Completely been neglecting sitting. I’m coming to the conclusion, that I am more invested and transformed by yoga. But yoga classes take cash. *sigh* Once I figure out what I can and can’t do with my back in this state, I am going to try and take up yoga seriously again.

Artistic Endeavors

None currently. But I just finished my brother’s wedding album. I’m pleased with how it came out and I am thinking of making myself available on craigslist as a pro-amateur photographer for hire.

Social Life

The last few weeks, there has been no social life to speak of. Lots of isolation of me in my room… with books and notecards... and diagrams of viscera. Do I know how to have a good time or what?

Bits & Bobs

My pet rat, Wimbly, is turning out not to be that friendly. I go to feed him and he snaps at me. He lets me pick him up without biting (unless is smell of food) but that dashes to be somewhere else. He seems to be eating a great deal (5-6 lab pellets) or if not, loses weight. I’m doing my best to care for him, but I feel little emotional attachement right now.

Baking cookies. I’m baking lots of cookies, which is lovely and dangerous business. Batter is just so tempting.

And that’s it…. Or everything that occurs to me to be important. (to me anyway).

Namaste all.