Update: Unwinding the Stress Ball

Lots of stress. You know - that type of residual stress that eeks into everyday life, affecting silly little things such as concentration and sleep… I’m working on finding ways to let it go but my default: running/ cardio exercise, isn’t really an option at the moment. So I’m nurturing myself as best I can. I went for a walk and meditated in the woods, I baked… I’ve been less stringent with my food choices… but this behavior has slid downhill into some pretty significant gluttonous behavior. So this week is working out a balance and trying to turn to something other than sugary carbohydrates for that sense of grounding I desire.
I had a lovely weekend with friends. Details below of course.


Anatomy & Physiology 2… I am not pleased with the professor… at all. I wrote a very direct email about our last exam (for which I have yet to receive my grade) about how I felt the test was unreasonable and not balanced. In addition to the fact that there were not clear expectations communicated on the part of the professor.

Chemistry… has a lab report due. Still awaiting my grade for the first test.

Stats… is getting more complicated but the required math is lessening also. A balance really. Working on fractals and binomial probability distribution. Pretty straightforward.

Microbiology… has a test this week. I’ll start studying in earnest tomorrow, but the material is all laid out, I just have to memorize it. Tricky part will be all the different antibiotics, their sources and their actions on the microbes. Still it’s all wonderfully fascinating. Today in lab, we did a culture from the school environment; I choose the biology floor button on the elevator. Should be interesting to see what colonies grow. We also did some hand washing tests on ourselves. I hope I don’t find anything to dangerous.

Health & Wellness

Much better physical therapist now. We’ve really pinpointed the issue, for better or worse. We’ve discovered the rotation in my hip is not just in one direction, but my entire right SI joint has loose connective tissue. This isn’t great news as not much can be done, but encourage the muscle to be more supportive and keep the hip in alignment. The PT thinks that my hyper-flexibility from ballet combined with running set me up for and issue, but then when I threw my back and was out of commission, I really set the issue off. Its difficult to say, but it’s a good theory. However her work on my hips and my new to me mattress has made most of the spasms disperse, but I am still left with a bone achy sort of pain in my hips randomly and sometimes my lower legs/feet go numb, which is awkward to say the least. Who knew that I’d start to fall apart at 28?

Employment & Finance

Plugging along. Not fabulously rich but I get by. Good to have the gigs the other week. Little concerned about what will happen come December when I am no longer at WSC and don’t qualify for the Training Program anymore. I don’t think I’ll be able to work much, if at all with my nursing program. Someone did recommend becoming a paid nurse intern though.

Personal Practice

Hoping to do more nature walks. I’ve fallen back into morning meditation, pretty regularly, which is really wonderful. I’ve been reading Tricycle and Shambala Sun. The articles are perfect for rewarding but light reading. Working of cooking and eating as part of my practice. I have a new mantra before meals:
With awareness and restraint, without indulgence, - I take this food for sustenance.

Artistic Endeavors

Not so much. No time with test really. Have one costume pretty much set but I need ideas for another – mine got too pricey. So, affordable ideas for some costume involving a mask anyone?

Social Life

The wedding this past weekend was delightful. Met many new people and had lots of interesting conversations. Dancing was great, as always.

CTRF was chilly but lots of fun. Its funny how it really takes me a day or two with crowds to really solidify my gimmick with a character. But this weekend everything fell into place and felt spot on.

I had the chance to see Jimmy and Adrienne, back from the UK briefly. We went out for Japanese and then sat about chatting spirituality and eco-friendly shopping and meditation techniques. A splendid meeting of liked minded folks, but I’d expect nothing less.

Bits & Bobs

Had to get the electric heater going in my room today. Brr. But I had the clever notion to set it to 65* and put it on a 24 hour timer so its off at night and during the day when I am not around.

Not too much to say here, so…

Namaste all.