Update: Back to the Books


Start classes tomorrow. I'm looking forward to my fall line-up, but I am a bit apprehensive about the loan I am taking on. I'd like to maintain my current GPA if possible. 

Books cost a fortune! $500 and I think I need another lab manual.., I am hoping to get my Stats book through a friend though.

Health & Wellness

The back saga... I saw a physical therapist on Monday. She gave me good news. Looks like it is not a bulging disc but a compressed one. Apparently an old maladjustment in my hip (my right pelvis tilts forward) is causing a disc in my illiosacral area/ L5 to compress and pinch my sciatic nerve. This is completely curable with some PT, stretching and exercise. Yay!

Good news about the above mentioned condition is that I can exercise again! I have to  be cautious at the moment, no running... but I can do the elliptical. I'm so relieved - I can't wait to get back to it.

Employment & Finance

Unemployment will switch over to training program support soon and I will no longer have to file and that'll be nice. 

Had to take out an additional $1500 for school fees and books, but it looks like I might have a bit left over, which will ease the car issue a bit. 

Personal Practice

Started meditating again. I'm still not into it completely... no consistency yet. But I hope to work it into my daily pattern before class in the morning... and then gym after to clear my head. I think it should work out well. 

Artistic Endeavors

Haven't had to much time to do the mixed media stuff. But I'll get around to it once I'm settled into a routine a bit.

I'm excited to have a sewing project coming up for CTRF. Old dress that didn't fit and I gave up on, should be able to be reworked to fit now. I'm really pleased since this was my first attempt at a really authentic medieval dress in nice linen. 

Social Life

Started seeing someone and its great. I've forgotten how nice it feels to be able to spend time in someone's company like this. We have a great deal in common, but also, many new things to share with each other. Good stuff.

CTRF rehearsal this past weekend. It was wonderful to reconnect with folks. Looking forward to exploring my character and developing her further. At the moment, she's a bit fuzzy but along the lines of a spacey, superstitious girl who sees/hears things others can't. Seems like she will work great with children on the street.

Bits & Bobs

Still working on the car. Hoping something will come together soon. 

Fridge is sold and new one has been procured. It is full of awesome - I can fit a whole gallon of 'ice cream' in my mini freezer. Or bunch of those So Delicious coconut ice cream sandwiches I found that are amazing!

Haven't done much with the food blog. Haven't been planning food much at all. Bad me, I know. I'll back to it now that I'll have limited time to shop during the week. I can't wait though... it is nearly soup/stew season.

Namaste all.