Update: A Few Small Bumps


Just passed the Accuplacer to qualify for my Statistics course in the fall and that is a good thing. Registered for 3 courses today, waiting on a professor approval for Microbiology. Looks like I’ll have to take out extra financial aid to cover books and some school fees. Its all part of the trial of being a student I guess.

Health & Wellness

Hurt my back badly. No specific incident to cause trauma, as far as I can tell. Just woke up one morning twisted and crooked… literally. Went to the ER and got some meds. They’ve run out now so I’m making due with Ibprofen, Aleve, the odd libation and lots of laying down in the fetal position. It works, sort of. Looks like I’ll need an MRI and probably physical therapy. I miss being really active… running and such. Or dancing at a friend’s prom themed dance party.

Gained some weight. Not pleased. But mostly due to my complete lack of physical activity. I’m trying to watch what I eat, but when you’re lazy and in pain you don’t care as much.

Employment & Finance

Unemployment coming in is good. Got my second loan check, the hefty one. Paid off my GapCard completely. Waiting till my finally loan installment comes through to pay off the AmEx. I’m always paranoid that something will happen where I will need money quickly – see mention of car below.

Personal Practice

Haven’t been yet due to back/car issues. Soon I hope.

Artistic Endeavors

Started producing mixed media pieces. Will build a few more and put them on my photo blog for sale, if folks are interested. Also, happily able to do commissioned themes.

Social Life

Still looking forward to CTRF… 2 weeks to go.

The bar: Come to open mic on Thursdays. Amazingly talented folks performing.

Going with my recently reconnected friend, Sean on a brief 3-day vacation to an isolated little island off of Rhode Island called Prudence Island. Not much tech or consumerism. I’m looking forward to it a great deal. I’m bringing my camera and a few books I haven’t had time to read yet. Too bad I’m not in better shape for hiking.

Bits & Bobs

The Car. Its not in a good way – and I don’t mean its pregnant. It needs repairs and I can’t seem to sell it on Craigslist. Looks like I be underselling to a dealer. Good news is a friend’s sister and a friend are both selling their newer more fuel-efficient cars right now. Hoping one of them will work out.

Target has a dual mini-fridge/freezer which I am going to buy. I’m going to be selling my old one (still under warranty) for $75. (bought for $100) It is bigger than your average dorm fridge and in spotless condition. Let me know if you are interested. First come first served.

Halfway finished with my recipe/nutrition blog. Decided to call it “eat like you give a damn.” Seemed appropriate.

Namaste all.