Vegan-on-a-Shoestring: Week 4

Week 4

Breakfast: Apple granola, almond milk, banana

Morning Snack: Apple, carrot sticks

Lunch: Curried tofu, tamarind lentils, brown basmati rice

Afternoon Snack: Larabar

Dinner: Fatoosh salad with Middle Eastern nut “cheese”

Beverages: almond milk, stevia-sweetened iced tea, water

Other: Blueberries, square of dark chocolate

Note #1: This week's meal requires an investment in some pricier items... coconut oil, tamarind paste, nuts... but these are really an investment. You'll use the oil and paste for quite a few things if you like indian/thai food as much as I do.

Note #2: I have decided to expand my budget to $50 per week for 6-7 servings of each meal.