Fundamentals of Design: Week 5 - Assignment 1

Final Project - Proposal

For my final project, I propose to create a web header design for a small computer consulting firm. The header will include custom graphics and an original logo, while demonstrating good design principals. The motivation for the project comes from a recent observation that design for a independent computer consultants’ self-representation on the Internet is often lacking in style and originality. I have chosen to create an example of good design with a very straightforward approach and practical purpose. The message behind the concept is to present his consulting firm in a modern, but professional way that also conveys a sense of individuality and brand imaging. I would like to give potential clients an image that will linger in their minds but also reflect the IT professional’s personality.

To implement the design, I plan to utilize an informally balanced design on a horizontal rectangular canvas. I hope to use several sections within the header to demonstrate various design elements including an illusion of depth, perspective, unity and a sense of motion that directs the eye to the logo. I also hope to include a still capture of interactive buttons in various stages of use. The main challenge with this project will be to project an edgy but responsible feel to the site. I hope that the use of common web element motifs as well as a clean presentation will reflect the consultant’s professional capacity.