Stirred but Settling

I am official moved into my apartment in Somerville. Its looking much like a layover at the moment but eventually, I will find the time to unpack and decorate. I'm thinking of painting - I have such a designer's nesting syndrome. You can tell because was debating the room's layout and color palette before even thinking of the fact that I didn't own any sheets. (Thats been resolved, in case you were curious.)

Another adventuresome trip to Mass. General Hospital today for continued Peace Corps follow up testing. Apparently one of my long drawn out tests was faulty so I'll need to redo it. *Sigh*  But the T ride/ walk there was lovely, so I hardly minded.

Tonight, I work but where is still up in the air. I am trying to find a more convienient locale for my night/2nd job that isn't Stoughton. It's just too far to commute with gas prices being what they are and 5:30pm Boston traffic being what it is. I'm sure something will come of it.

Tomorrow, I also work (What a surprise...) at both Starbucks and the bar. I may try and squeeze in a little party inbetween but I am not sure that is a wise idea when one works till 2 am. I may just have to give it amiss and see what people are up to this weekend, which I have relatively free.

All in all, Life is good. I am happy with all the choices I have made in the recent past and present and I am feeling content. Its a refreshing change to striving and something I might even be able to get used to. Frightening thought, that.

Good Things of the Moment:

'Tofutti Cuties' in Vanilla

Walking/Riding the T

Living exactly where I want to be

Not being in utter financial crisis

Getting to decorate my room anyway I want