My Tea Speaks to Me

These two poems come from the inside of my box of tea, Yogi Tea to be precise.

"I Bow"

Knowledge of God resides in my heart
In this I dwell and I surrender
Some bow quickly
Some bow more slowly
Some bow to the right
With divine initiation, they become the light.

I bow to the primal froce of the universe
I bow to Eternity
I bow to Truth
I bow to the Great Light
That abides everywhere.

"Awaken Me"

Being clouded,
I always missed you;
When I see you,
the clouds recede.

Waves on the ocean
are just water in water;
Things are not as they seem to be.

A king asleep
thinks he is a beggar;
He feels pain
though nothing has changed.

Such is my state,
I am a dreamer;
I know not what is true to me.

Awaken me from this delusion;
So that what is,
is what I see.